Be a star on social media

Be a Star on Social Media

When a customer researches your business online they will look for reviews. In fact, 91% of people read reviews and 84% trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Your online reviews have two components. The first is the actual comments that people put in their reviews. The second component is the star rating. How many stars (out of 5 stars) will someone give your business? This is called the star rating. 58% of people say that the star rating is the most important criteria for judging that business online. Furthermore, 54% of customers will visit a business’s website after seeing positive reviews. 

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Why does my retail business need social media?

The reasons you need to be on social media may surprise you. Many experts refer to social media as social media marketing. However, the term Social Media marketing is much too narrow. Social media is many different things in one. Social media is an intersection between customer service, customer reviews, ads and interaction. Businesses need to use social media because it involves the key elements in the customer relationship. Advertising is one of them, yes. Yet, the value of reviews, customer service and interaction cannot be overlooked. 

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Social Media Story

A Simple Social Story and the Evolution of Social Media I’ve witnessed

Ten years ago, social media was not a talking point during sales calls. As a young sales rep for a Pennysaver in upstate New York I visited all different types of businesses. I met with car dealers, independent grocers, woodworking companies, dog groomers and real estate agents. In 2007, there was not a single person I discussed social media with.

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Web Apps and Plugins

Popular Types of Web Apps and Plugins to Consider for your Website

Creating a new website isn’t quite as simple as selecting a single piece of software anymore. Many websites are the combination of several different pieces of software. These different plugins work together to provide the functionality and features on the website. Your website works best with a combination of carefully selected web apps and plugins.

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3 Things Retail Stores Need to Consider Before Building an Ecommerce Website

3 Things Retail Stores Need to Consider Before Building an Ecommerce Website

Retail stores need to think about a lot before building an ecommerce website for their business. In this article we discuss three key things to consider before you ever hire a developer to begin coding.

Before building an ecommerce website you need to do each of the following.

  1. Evaluate the Competition
  2. Define your Opportunity Cost
  3. Investigate your Industry
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Ecommerce Business Operations

Plan ahead for your Ecommerce Business Operations

Let’s face it, operations isn’t the most popular business function. Figuring out processes can be its own time consuming process! But, when it comes to ecommerce it is absolutely necessary. If your operational processes aren’t in order your customer will feel it! That’s why this blog walks you through the basic operations processes you’ll need to run an ecommerce business effectively.

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