Books from 2020


Here is a running list of the books I had the pleasure of reading in 2020.


Yuval Noah Harari

Finished this around New Year’s. Was reading over the holidays, end of 2019.

Brain Rules for Baby

John Medina

In January, while Brittany was 9 months pregnant, getting close to delivery.


Reza Aslan

Same, while Brittany was 9 months pregnant.

Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie

9-months pregnant time frame.

Look Homeward, Angel

Thomas Wolfe

Leading up to Jude being born, then right after. Read this a lot during her first month while I was on Paternity leave.

The Minuteman

Greg Donahue

Leading up to Jude being born, then right after. Read this a lot during her first month.

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Harvey Karp, M.D.

On Paternity Leave. Leading up to Jude being born, then right after. Read this a lot during her first month. This book was a life saver.

Break Shot: My First 21 Years

James Taylor

Returing back to work. Reading this for entertainment.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

David Browne

Reading this for entertainment, midst of Coronavirus quarantine, Jude 1-2 months old, back to work.

Combat Medic

S.M. Boney IV

Right around Brittany’s 30th birthday, still in the midst of Coronavirus quarantine, Jude approaching 2 months old.


Michael Pollan

Still in Quarantine. Jude is between 2-3 months old. My work is really busy. Actually drinking the most coffee I’ve ever drunk in my life right now! Sleeping very little.

Farewell: The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth Century

Sergei Kostin & Eric Raynaud

Another quarantine book. I read it on Kindle. Included some hearsay and unsubstantiated claims but other than that it had some high points. Not my favorite book in terms of the quality of the storytelling but the story itself was interesting. Jude starting to smile, Robert out on Paternity leave. Trying to sleep a bit more, Jude is sleeping better. Knock on wood.

Blood and Money: The classic true story of murder, passion, and power

Thomas Thompson, 1976

While in quarantine still. Jude is almost 3 months old. Finished over the weekend Brittany and I got sick with coughs and fevers, tested negative for COVID-19. Book was entertaining, brought a story to life from 50 years ago. Learned a bit more about an interesting author in Thomas Thompson.

Blood Territory

Mark Whittaker

States are opening back up but we are still quarantining. Masks at grocery stores. Busy with work, Jude’s a growing girl!

The Immortal Irishman

Timothy Egan

One of my favorite books of the year! What a life for Thomas Meagher!


Lu Yao

Really nice surprise. The author reminded me a bit of Hemingway in style. Revered in China, died too young. Excellent work of fiction. Interesting portrayal of the dynamic between rural and urban life in China towards the end of the 20th century. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl

One of the most touching, emotionally difficult, intellectually challenging and enlightening books I’ve ever read.

4-Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferriss

This book was a very thoughtful gift from my wife. Thanks hunnie! Wow, this book was jam packed with amazing insights. I don’t know if a four hour work week is ever achievable for me, but this book is a masterclass on productivity hacks. Obviously, Ferriss is the godfather of modernist escape the 9-5 lifestyle design and it was neat to read the book that was the origin of some of these philosophies.

Never Lose a Customer Again

Joey Coleman

I wasn’t sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised with this book. He wrote it using the company Book in a Box. It was a good read, a lot of great examples.

Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

Loved this book. This may make me sound silly, but what an incredible storyteller. His storytelling has such an enduring quality. Will be reading more Robert Louis Stevenson soon. Probably his blockbuster, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs

Ben Garrod

Really entertaining and fascinating. Spoiler – Birds are dinosaurs!

The Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck

I think I’ve read a Steinbeck book every year for the past 4 years. I think that will be a thing I do from now on until I have read all his books. This was an interesting read especially in the context of the technological disruption of jobs happening right now. The dust bowl/depression era he wrote about was similarly caused, somewhat by improvements in farming technology. There were some parallels to what is happening now because of technology and COVID-19. However, this book makes you thankful for the era of social safety nets we live in now in the USA. A reminder that it wasn’t always like this and still isn’t for many people around the world.

The Outpost

Jake Tapper

This might be the most eye-opening book I’ve ever read. Military men and women and their families go through so much for this country. I lived through the war in Afghanistan as a teenager/college student and I was humbled at how much I didn’t know about the sacrifices of our soldiers. God bless them and their families. I’m honored to have read the story of these soldiers.

The Space Race

Colin Brake, Patrick Chapman, Richard Hollingham, Richard Kurti, Sue Nelson, Helen Quigley, Andrew Mark Sewell

Entertaining and educational! Wow, I learned so much about the history of the United States (and bits of the world) space program. This story got me excited about the upcoming Artemis missions! Finished this right around Thanksgiving 2020… COVID-19 is spiking and many people (including us) spent the holiday with just their immediate family. Wishing everyone safety and well being!


Rich Cohen

Interesting story that was interestingly told.

The Billion Dollar Secret

Rafael Badziag

Good anecdotes. Nothing revolutionary revealed.

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