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How to use Shopify Email Marketing

Hi everyone and thank you for joining me. We are going to talk about how to use Shopify’s brand new free email marketing platform.

Shopify Email Marketing – Free

With your Shopify eCommerce platform, you actually can do email marketing for free and it is completely free from now until October of 2020. After that, it’s still free for your first 2,500 email sends and it’s only a dollar per thousand email sends after that per email addresses. It’s a really great platform and it comes with your eCommerce platform for free.

Now in order to do an email marketing blast, all you do is go over here on the left-hand side to marketing. Then you scroll down here and you can see your past campaigns. I’ll click right here and click on the edit activity to see my past campaign. And this will show me an email blast that I created for my customers.

You can see Keegan’s pet store, this month’s bestsellers, and one of my products here in my email blast. Now, what I’m going to do is show you how to create one of these from scratch and show you how just how easy that is.

How to create a new Shopify Email Marketing Campaign

I’m just going to go here. I’m in marketing campaigns. I clicked on marketing campaigns and I am going to create a campaign.

Pick an email template

Click on this and it is going to load templates for me. I’ll show you the ones I really like. You know you can see some text-based ones. If you need to send like a message out to your customers, you’re able to do that. The ones that are probably going to be most often used are the promotional ones. Sending a discount here or what we like to do is send out some featured products or discounted products. So I’m going to select this template.

Enter subject and preview text

Okay. Now the first thing I do is I put in my subject, so I’m going to say this month, best selling products and then a preview tax. Now this is the little bit of text that a customer sees when they look at your email. When it comes to their inbox, I would say check out our best selling pet products this month.

Okay, perfect. So, and then the from address is set up here for my, my address for my store with the name of my store here. So that’s the subject line and that is the preview text.

Add your logo

Now here I’d like to select an image, my logo here. So perfect. I’m replacing that with my store logo. Now I can make my logo bigger if I want to or I can make my logo smaller. It all depends on what you see.

I can change it out of funny. It was a different image. I can choose to left, align it, put it in the middle. Mmm. Show the divider between my logo and the rest of the text or just have it, yeah, merge right into it. Bond to set a background color or divider color. I can do that as well. But I’m happy with my logo. Keegan’s pet store on a white background.

Add your marketing message

Now here’s where I can put in my marketing message. So a meet this month’s best seller. Let’s just say, I want to word that a little differently. I’m going to say this, this month’s bestselling products. I’ll go on to two lines there, but let’s just say that’s the way I want to word this email blast. I can do that. And then just, I can put it a little subtitle here. Our favorite products this month, right?

So now I’ve got a little subheader. Now let’s just say I want to change the font. I can do that here. I can change the font size of this text as well. So it’s the size that I want. I can change the text color and I can change the background.

Let’s just do that to just show you an example. Let’s just say for some reason I want this to be blue. I can click here on the different colors and change it to exactly the color I want it to. For whatever reason, I want that to be blue. I could do that. Let’s just make it into some type of green. It’s kind of similar there. I kind of do something like that there. It doesn’t matter. We’re just doing it toward tutorial. Maybe an ugly green there. But all right, so I just picked a green for background.

Let’s just say, okay, that text I don’t want that to be dark. I’d let you say, I want that text to be white. Maybe that’s a little easier to read. Maybe this one, I just say, well maybe that’ll be gray. Oh, that’s a little tough to read. They will do that gray, right? So then I easily picked a couple of changes there too. The colors.

Add another marketing message to your Shopify email blast

Let’s just say I want to maybe make another announcement here or something like that. I can go in here and I can just say, okay, let’s add a little bit more text because we’re now offering are now offering a curbside pickup, right?

Maybe you, maybe something new is going on like that and you want to announce it to your customers. I’ll make that a little bit bigger now. That’s going to be a wait. I can make an exclamation point there.

If I wanted to maybe I could make a different background color there. I think that might get a little busy so I’m just going to leave that white. But now my store you blast is coming together nicely.

I’ve got my logo, this month’s best selling products, favorite products of the month. Now offering curbside pickup. You know, I can do things like switch around and put that curbside pickup message right here. If I wanted to. But you get the idea that you can easily add some text here to your e-blast.

Adding your products to your Shopify Email and editing product information

Now for the products, it automatically pulled in my product and my product description here. So I’m going to edit that a little bit. I liked that the images there and the title and the price. Let’s just say that description’s a little long. I don’t really want that there.

I just click on that little eye icon and now that description is gone. That’s a little bit better for me. So now I’m, it’s a little bit cleaner look I’m from, from my perspective. I liked the buttons there, but maybe I want to have that color stand out a little bit more just so people see it. And by me we’ll go with green. Yeah, there we go. Like that green, it kind of stands out. It’s a little bit different. Encourages people to shop the product. Now if they click on this, it takes them directly to this product on my site. I can also, maybe if I look at the image and say I don’t really want it full with, maybe I can just make it not full width so it will kind of reduce the size of the image. Okay. I like that so far.

Now let’s just say I want to add another product, but I could just say here’s my featured product, but let’s just say I want to add another product. I simply click on add, click on product, and I can click right over here and select a product from my catalog. This is a test store, so I only have a few products in here, but let’s just say I wanted to add these dog toys. I could select that. And now my dog toys are also in here.

I’m going to do something similar and change the image so it’s no longer full width. Now my product is there with an image the description and make sure that’s not there. It just says this is a dog toy. Similarly I could change the button color if I wanted to. I could choose not to show the title or price if for whatever reason you said, I want them to see the price when they actually get to the website, you could control that too.

But we’ll probably in most instances want to include the price there. So now I’ve got two products in my email blast. Maybe I’ll, I’ll add one more. So I’ll go here to product and I will select another product. I only have three products, my test site. So we’re down here. Now, if you had a lot of products in your site, you search for them here and it’ll just populate the product they search for. So here’s my taste of the wild product. Again, it’s just a, a reference product. So it brings in the can description again, say, well maybe the description is all along for me. You could choose to have it in, but I like to have a nice clean looking email blast. So perfect. That green is a little bothersome. Let’s just make it something. There we go a little bit closer.

How to send your email from Shopify

Okay, perfect. So now I’ve got an eblast put together and it’ll automatically populate your store address here down at the bottom and give people the option to unsubscribe.

But now quickly and simply I’ll probably want to do a couple of things here like change the buttons so that that background color is the same as the other color that I’m using. I’ll do the same thing right here and change the button color too. Same background color I just used. Perfect. Now there’s a little bit more consistency here and you can see those shop now buttons jump out.

Now, I created a really simple, straightforward messaging. I created a subject preview text and I have an email blast ready to go to my customers in just a couple minutes, right? Super easy to get set up. Now. It’s always important. And we recommend sending a test email so I can go in here and I’ll just send a test email to myself.

And I’ll send that so that I can always double check it and make sure everything looks the way I expect it to. But I can also use the tool here and click review and right here it will show me.

Okay, this is going to all your subscribers. The email address is going to be from cause it’s going to come from your store and an email at your store. The subject. So this mom’s bestselling products, check out our best selling products this month is the subtext. And then if you see, okay, here’s what it looks like on a desktop. Nice clean email blast featuring my products. Yeah. People that the ability to click to shop. Now we realized a lot of people open their emails on their mobile device. So here’s exactly what my email blast looks like on mobile. Again, it’s best to keep these simple, straightforward, clean.

And so I’ve got a nice clean email marketing blast to send to my customers and I can simply click send here or I can click here to schedule it. Or I can click here to send a test email. Or if I still feel like I need to do more editing, I can click here and go back to the previous screen. So let’s just say I want to schedule this. I can click on schedule, I can schedule this to go out tomorrow and I can send it, schedule this to go out at let’s just say 12:00 PM tomorrow, right? And then it’s all set.

Choosing what subscribers to send your email campaign to

Now in our next video, so I’ll click back here to edit. We’ll talk about how to add email addresses to this. So you can see I have one person here and I can send to all subscribers.

I can send to new subscribers or I could send to people who would, who I’ve just accepted marketing, returning people just from the United States, which in most of our stores will just be people from the United States, but that might be different for your store. Or you can upload your, your customers as well to Shopify in order to populate whatever email addresses you already have to send these campaigns to.

I’m just going to click on all subscribers here and that’s where this should go to. And I can go click on the top right and go back to that review screen and that’s it. You’re ready to go.

I could, I could very easily click send and send out this email marketing campaign after that few minutes of just getting this put together.

It’s a really great tool. It’s email marketing is one of the best ways to grow sales in your online store. It really is. It’s still one of the most proven and top methods for growing online sales. So I’ll put this to good use for your business and start using the free Shopify email marketing platform today. Thanks very much for tuning into the video.

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