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New Products Issues Detected on your website – What does it mean?

Video Transcript on what the products issues detected on means

Hi, thanks for joining me here today. So you just received an email and it said you have a products issues detected on your website. Well, what the heck does that mean?

Its Markup related

So what that means and if you click right here on fixed products issues, it will bring you into your Google search console report. And for me specifically, it’s telling me that the error is either offers review or aggregate rating should be specified. So this is a little confusing.

What to tell your web developer

But just so you know what exactly to tell your web developer, it means that the markup on your website is missing information. So if you just want to memorize that statement and the markup on your website is missing whatever that information is that they pointed out. So in my case here, it’s offers or reviews or adjunct aggregate rating should be specified.

More of the technical details

Now if you want to know a little bit more detail I can look into this a little bit more to see what the fix is. And so I clicked to learn more. You can see that on the code and this is going to get a little advanced if you’re not a web developer, but there’s using Jason micro-data or our DFA, you can actually add descriptive data to your products on your website.

In this case, you can add aggregate reviews or offers data about your product. Right here Google is going to show your web developer exactly how to do this. So you can see aggregate rating rating count 4.4 review count 89, right?

That’s the descriptive data that exists in the code of your website and it talks about the product that you’re trying to sell. So, and there’s a markup, there is a whole list here of information or different sets of markup.

What does schema markup do?

They should be on products on your website to help Google better understand them. I’m going to go ahead and post this link underneath the video along with the link to another page here, which just gives it a little bit more succinct overview of what’s trying to, what Google is trying to do with your, your product page.

But if you receive that, it doesn’t mean your website’s down or anything like that. It just means that Google search console is telling you that there’s an issue with the product on your website in terms of the schema or search friendly markup that can exist in the code of your website.

Okay, forward that email to your developer

So it’s something I talked to your web developer about because having the appropriate schema markup can definitely help your, your site rank better and show up where you want it to be.

If you received one of those emails best to forward to your web developer and say looks like there’s an issue where something needs to be added to your markup on your website. I hope that helps you understand what it means when you receive a product. Issues detected on email from Google search council.

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