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Secure Certificates – Must Haves for Quality Websites

Secure Certificates

Security is an important issue. Not just for your users but for you as the business owner too. Amazingly, this is one of the most common mistakes.

A quality website will have an SSL Certificate installed. A secure website displays an HTTPS instead of HTTP in the browser. This ensures the secure transfer of information through the website. Consumers know this is important and behave accordingly.

Contact forms are a good example of why security is important. With an HTTPS the contact information submitted through the website is only going to the store owner. No third-party is able to steal that information during transmission.

An SSL certificate protects consumer information on the web. Web browsers want to help users make good decisions online. That’s why web browsers, like Google Chrome, display a message of Secure or Not Secure in the browser. To earn the Secure designation your website has to have a secure certificate. Web browsers want visitors to know how secure a business’s website is when they are interacting with it. This helps consumers make better decisions about whether to interact with the business.

Search engines and web browsers will likely continue to favor HTTPS enabled websites. That means search engines will favor secure websites in search results. Web browsers will remind visitors if a website is not secure.

Some platforms and web hosting solutions include a secure certificate. Others offer one for an extra fee. There are some platforms and hosting solutions that do not offer SSL certificates at all. This is why it is so important to do thorough research in advance. Picking the right platform can save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Buy an SSL certificate. Protect your consumers because it will help your search ranking. Or because it will render a positive message in the web browser. Buy an SSL because it will help reduce liability for your business. Whatever motivates you to do it, just do it. Have your developer install an SSL on your website.

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