Why ‘Near Me’ search results are key for Independent Retailers

Video Transcript – Why ‘Near Me’ Search Results are Key for Independent Retailers

All right, so let me tell you a story. My wife and I just moved recently to a new apartment. As part of that move, I as a consumer, needed to find moving supplies to help complete my move. I needed boxes, I needed tape, I needed foam, I needed bubble wrap.

So naturally, pulled out my smart phone, and I searched moving supplies. Near me searches have increased by 500% from 2013. That means that people are looking for where can they get a specific product, in a specific area, at a specific time and Google wants to tell them the answer to that. But Google can only do that if you put the information on your website.

So in those results that were just checked out, we’ll check ’em out again here, notice how it says, moving supplies was mentioned on this website. So Google understood that. Me as a consumer, was searching for moving supplies near me, and it brought up results where companies had said they sold moving supplies and Google checked to see if they were located near where my smart phone was.

So these types of searches have risen by 500% and it means it’s a huge opportunity for you as a retailer to get people into your store. But you have to mention what you sell on your website in order for Google to connect the dots between the person who’s searching for something near them, where their smart phone’s located, where your store’s located, and what it says on your website.

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