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How to check if URL is indexed in Google using Google Search Console

Using the Coverage section of Google Search Console to see if your URL is indexed

[Video Transcript]

Hi everyone and thanks for joining me.

Today we are going to talk about how to see the URLs that you’ve submitted and are indexed in Google. So if I just go to my Google search console account here where I would click is on the left-hand side over in coverage, under the index. And then you’ll see the errors are checked by default when I actually want to check here is valid.

And then I would click uncheck the errors box there and then I scroll down to submit an index and I can see 113 pages there that had been submitted and the last time that they were crawled and are part of the index.

Okay, so then again in the coverage I can also see the excluded, which then you can see pages that have redirects or are excluded. And then there are certain types that I can click on.

So like, let’s say I want to see the pages with a soft 404. You can see a couple of the pages here that have a software for on my site in the last day that they were attempted to be crawled.

So if you’re looking at, you’re saying, okay, have I, you know, let’s just say you want to do a URL inspection, but you’re not sure if you’ve already, you know, if this page is already submitted and indexed, you can go here to coverage and again, on check errors and check valid and scroll down to submitted and indexed.

And that’s where you can see the pages of your website that are submitted, an indexed and the last date that they were called by Google.

Hope that video helps answer your questions.

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