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How to post Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates to your Google My Business Page – Small Business Help

This video shows you how to quickly and easily post COVID-19 updates to your Google My Business for your customers to stay informed.

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How to Post Covid-19 Update to GMB Page – Video Transcript

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me. Hope everybody’s saying healthy and safe out there. So just wanted to show you how to use a, how to post COVID-19 updates to your Google My Business page. There is a special way to do it now. And obviously Google my business has some limitations, which you know, you’ll see it right on your dashboard limited Google my business functionality and its reviews, review replies and other Google. My business functionality may not operate as usual during the Coronavirus. I’ll post this link and there too so that you guys can see that if you need access to it about what the limited functionality is. And then I also have this link for you about all right, the resources Google has to help you communicate with your customers during this. So anyway, to answer the question the best way to post updates is to go into posts.

And then right here in posts you’ll actually see COVID-19 update. So that’s brand new. So you have your usual products, add, update at offer, et cetera. So here I’m going to click on that. Well changes to your business, our customers know about any changes to your business to the code it. So I actually, I’m going to post ours which is an update here that I wrote for our customers. And I’m going to just post them here. So what I wrote just,

We want to keep you informed about our business operations as we do our part to help support our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’re staying open our normal business hours. Our staff will be available to assist you Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM we have moved to a remote operations plan. This means all of our developers and e-commerce administrators. Your work home, the team is equipped to provide full technical and administrative support from an open work environment.

Yeah, it’s best to reach us at this time. Please use the email address service. I like the or contact your designated E commerce administrator directly. We will be monitoring messages to our main phone align but, but we’ll not have guaranteed Mmm. Answering coverage of our main line is just another technique mainline at this time. We will respond to voice messages in a timely manner as possible in as timely a manner as possible. Thank you for your partnership. Wishing you health and safety at this challenging time.

So that’s our message. You can use that as a model if it makes sense for your business. And I’m actually gonna put Mmm yeah. None of these are not going to work for me. You know, book or online, you know, by learn more, sign up, et cetera. I might use the learn more. Mmm. And you can put a link there which you know, we can link tool the website if we want to or someplace else you use call now if you wanted people to place orders, I call a course buy or order online.

Any of those made sense for you. But for me, I’m just, I’m probably not going to have a button, you know, we communicated here best way for customers to reach us, but in our business, a lot of times they have a designated account rep that they’re already talking to. So probably won’t apply for everybody.

So I’m just going to post publish because their updates and you can see posted just now. Mmm, I can, I can click on this share. Quick, I can click here to view it on Google and you’ll see now, Mmm.

Is the, here’s the post that I have on our business page. This is the updates. So let’s see. And that post is going to show a prey here on my Google my business page. So again, I hope that helps. And I hope everybody is safe and healthy. I’ll post the links to these resources with the video as well. Thanks so much for tuning in and take care of yourselves.

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