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How to see what people search for on your Shopify site using Google Analytics

Hi everyone, and thank you for checking out this video. So let’s just say you have a Shopify website, like this one here, and you want to find out how many people are searching in your search bar and what they’re searching for.

So like for example, what do you say if I search for Ever Clean products. I want to know, okay, what are people searching and how are they using that search bar?

Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics

So in Google analytics you have the option to go to a specific setting to set that up. So if I click here on all my website data, and what I’m going to do is go to the admin panel first and then click on view settings. And then under view settings, I’ll scroll down and see the option to turn on site search tracking on.

Query Parameter for Shopify is the Letter q

So I’m going to turn that on and then it’s going to ask me for something called a query parameter. Now the query parameter for Shopify is just going to be this little q. It’s here in the, in the url, that’s meaning that there is a query in the URL.

So all I need to do is I need to type in a lowercase Q here. I’m not worried about site search categories. That’s a little bit different. So I just need to see the site search tracking, put it in the queue. I’m done. Don’t need to strip out the parameters out of the URL, so I’m just going to save it and that’s it.

So now I’ll be able to see that information. So I hope that helps. And that is how you with your Shopify website set up a site search tracking. Thanks for joining me.

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