Why your website says Not Secure and How to Fix it

Video Transcript

Your website is terrifying your visitors because it says not secure, and Google Chrome started marking at not secured because tons of people’s data was being stolen. So we all know about what happened with Facebook, how he had to testify before Congress. We all know what happened with Equifax, how they lost all those customer’s social security numbers. And your website says not secure, which is literally going to drive your potential customers away from your business.

How do you fix that?

You need an SSL certificate which will change your website from http to https. That will get rid of that not secure sign and make sure that your website is secure and when customers submit sensitive information, that somebody can’t log in and steal it. We all have a responsibility, especially business owners to protect consumers information online. Make sure that your website says secure and make sure that you have an SSL certificate. Otherwise you’re terrifying your customers.