My 2020 Goals

lightbulb drawing

Honestly, I did not define my goals clearly this past year. And they shifted continually throughout a crazy year. Here they are, just as they were written in my notebook.

  • Publish Book
  • Relationship Goal – Marriage during change
  • Personal Blog – AdTech blog for retail
  • Focus goal – avoid distractions
  • Relationships goal – friendships, family relationships
  • Network goal – meetups?
  • Personal Development goals – father, husband, businessman, thinker (Chinese, guitar, books, treehouse)
  • Improve as a writer
  • Back to 50 pushups
  • Design Course – UX from Treehouse
  • Master Chinese

The goals I accomplished in 2020

I published my book.

50 Pushups – here’s the video. I recovered from a herniated disc in my neck that left me unable to do a single pushup, even on my knees. I had to do PT and began with wall pushups. By the end of the year I was able to complete 50 pushups in a set of 27 followed by 15 and then willing my way the rest of the way to 50, but hey, I am pretty proud of that.

The rest of my goals were too ill defined to be achieved.

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