Breadcrumbs issues detected deprecated – How to fix

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Hi everyone, thanks for joining me. Today we’re going to be talking about what to do if you receive the new breadcrumbs issue detected for your site from Google Search Console.

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Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages and why do they matter?

Landing Pages

Landing pages are just pages on your website. Each page on your website is called a landing page. Most website templates come with a standard set of landing pages. This varies depending on the template you select and the platform you’re using. Typical landing pages include: About Us, Home Page, Location, Contact Us. These landing pages are essential for most brick & mortar stores.

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Online Product Catalog

Learn Exactly Why an Online Product Catalog is Crucial for your Store

The SKUs you carry in your store drive retail sales. Almost every retail store in America has a different product mix. Even franchises and corporate stores have varied product mixes in each store. Smart merchandisers select products depending on the needs of a specific market. Consumers research products online. To be competitive, retail stores must have an online product catalog on their websites.

There are two major reasons an independent retailer needs an online catalog. To inform consumers and to inform search engines.

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Why your business website doesn’t show up in Google | 3 Simple Ways to Fix it

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Okay, so you’re not showing up on Google right now, then there’s probably three main reasons for that.

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Product Catalog

Why ignoring your online product catalog will save you time and cost you sales

Have you ever tried to call the owner of an independent retail store during the day? You may have more luck catching a ride on Elon Musk’s next shuttle to Mars. Retail store owners are amongst the busiest of all small business owners. Thus, it’s no wonder that stores are always seeking ways to save time.

The pursuit of saving time, however, leads repeatedly to one crucial digital marketing mistake. Store owners neglect their online product catalog.

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