Bootstrapping My Saas Business

Bootstrapping My Saas Business Introduction [Video Blog]

Bootstrapping My Saas Business - Episode 1 - Mission and Vision

In this video, I share my vision and mission for my Saas website business. We are bootstrapping this business, and I invite you to join us on this journey by following our video blog.

Video Transcript

The Idea For This Video Blog


So I got the idea to share our journey. We are trying to start a software as a service business. I am currently going through the steps in that journey to get this business off the ground. So far, to date, we’re not that far into it, it has been a pretty exciting experience, and I just thought, well, there are many books. There are many frameworks. Some people talk about things after the fact with how they went about building a company or building a software as a service business. And really, I think the journey is much messier than that as you’re going through it. And many decisions and factors come at you. And I hope that we’re successful with this business. I wish I hope our product helps a lot of many people.

The Mission of Mighty Sites

 But I want to share this journey as we go through it. And I think others can probably learn and, hopefully, create their successful businesses or at least relate to what we’re going through as we get this thing going and off the ground. So I’ll share a little bit about the company. The company is called mighty sites. It’s a software-as-a-service business specifically for local businesses—so there is a little context. I have two business partners, and we believe in local businesses and the power of local companies to help the community survive, thrive, and flourish. So we want to do the same to assist local companies because they have much competition. They’re up against many things. They have a lot of challenges day to day. And so, our mission as a business is to help small businesses grow and thrive and flourish and sustain themselves even into the next generation, and our vision for how we could best do that is by providing a simple, easy, affordable website solution specifically for local businesses.

The Vision For My Saas Company

 Because we feel like there are many options for websites for different types of businesses, eCommerce businesses are people, you know, startups, people who, who are going to ship a product. But we looked at the options for small local businesses, like think long care company mechanic. Think about like your local hardware store or your local pet groomer, right? There are a lot of fantastic local businesses. Still, their options for building a website, which is pretty essential, are costly, time-consuming, or technical. And if you are starting a lawn mowing business or trying to run that, you must get out and help clients. Suppose you’re doing asphalt paving business or any of these great local businesses. In that case, you must get out, do your job, and help people.

You probably don’t have much staff. You might not have much money at certain times of the year or at the beginning. And so, for us, we want to help solve that problem. We didn’t want them to sit there and be like, well, we have to build a WordPress site and pay $5,000 to do that. Or we have our other option to, you know, sit down and spend hours trying to, to put a Squarespace template together, a Wix template, or something like that. And in the end, it just doesn’t, you know, end up looking as professional as they want it to. They can’t get it looking right. Never actually take it to life. And that, I think that’s why I, you know, as right now, it depends on the stats you read, but like 30% of small businesses. And I think many of them are probably local businesses.

Don’t have a website, and that’s tragic when big box stores, e-commerce players, and stuff could come in and take business right out of the local community. Those dollars zip out of the community. We want those dollars to stay in local communities where local businesses are there supporting, sponsoring people sponsoring events, sponsoring youth sports and youth events helping out at things themselves personally. Right? So that’s the problem we’re trying to give them, a more simple, easy, convenient, and affordable option to get a website up and running. And that’s why we call it a website generator versus a website like a website builder or a custom project, right? To give them their time back, keep more of the money they’re earning, and still have a website that’s easy for them to manage.

 And they can, you know, still use it to market their business. So that’s the vision. I can share with you where we are today. Let me, let me share my screen.

Current State of Our Saas Business

You can see what we’ve got up and running so far. And I’ll probably do another video where, you know, to show the product, but here’s the website. Again, companies called mighty sites, and we’re targeting local businesses to try and help them get a website up and running quickly, efficiently, and affordably for their business. So you can scroll through and see exactly, you know, the types of markets and local businesses we are trying to target and have a great product for. I’ll show our MVP in another episode, our minimally viable product. So we have like a minimally viable version of this running. You can see that it is too rough at this point with social media.

Yeah, so you can see our Facebook page, we have one like and one follow, and there are, you know, just generic, like blog posts here that we’ve posted. And that’s pretty much it. I don’t think there’s been any engagement on a single post. So there, ‘s that happening? And then, if I go to Twitter and check this out, here’s our Twitter. So far, it’s been posted to articles, again, with very little engagement. And Twitter will ask me to sign up and log in, so I’m not going to do that now, but if I go back, yeah. That’s where we’re at. We’ve got a blog going. So we’re trying to promote things that way. And

Yeah. And in the following video, I’ll share a little more about it. I’ll probably demo our MVP minimally viable product version, and then we’ll go from there. So thanks for joining me.

We’ll share how this goes on this journey to get this software as a service product business up and running. That’s the goal. That’s the mission. Talk to you soon.

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