How to insert a Read More in WordPress blocks

insert read more wordpress blocks

This video shows you how to insert a read more tag in your wordpress posts using the new blocks layout editor system.

Insert a read more in WordPress Blocks – Video Transcript

Keegan Edwards:
Hi everyone and thanks for joining me here today. So with the new WordPress update two blocks, it was a little confusing at first to figure out how to actually insert a read more tag, a little bit different than the classic version. So I’m just gonna go in here to WordPress. I’ll actually just click on add new just so I can show this.

Keegan Edwards:
But the way that you do it is you actually just add. It’s its own element and blocks with a read more tag. So you just add that in between the content that you want to add the read more. So if I was just to put in, this is the title, this is content. This is more content. And let’s just say I wanted to add the read more tag in between, I would just go here to this plus sign and add a block. And now one of the block options is actually just called more. And if I add that that inserts the read more tag in between the pieces of content that I want it to go in between. So I would just save that and publish it, and that’s how you add the read more tag with WordPress blocks. Thanks very much for checking out the video.

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  1. Thank you very much. I Google landed me at the right place for Read more query. Thanks again.