How to use Classic WordPress Editor – Quick, Easy Tip – Use the Classic Block

How to use the classic Wordpess Editor

This blog shows you how to use the classic wordpress editor without installing a plugin or disabling the Gutenberg version of wordpress. Simply select the classic block. Here’s how.

The Classic Block – Video Transcript

Keegan Edwards:
Hi everyone, and thanks for joining us for this video. So many of you probably use WordPress and experienced a recent upgrade to the Gutenberg system which changed the way that you were able to access the post section and the word editor within WordPress. So for things like posting blogs switched over from the classic editor to the block layout. So I also use word press for my site, and if I go in here to “add new” you’ll see that, gone through the Gutenberg update, and it’s the block system for adding text.

Keegan Edwards:
Now, there’s a lot of videos that are showing how to revert this or install a plugin to get back to the classic editor, but there’s actually a quick, easy tip if you just want to use the classic editor, but don’t want to go through installing a plugin or doing sort of reversion out of the Gutenberg update. So you’ll see in here I go in, it’s the regular block and if I go in and start typing, gives me kind of the block options. But an even easier solution is, rather than installing a plugin, going through all that, if I just add a new block … So I’ll go up here, to the left. Click. “add new block” it gives me the option to add paragraph text or any of these other options.

Keegan Edwards:
If I just go down here to “formatting,” I can actually choose right in formatting to go with classic, and when I click that, now you’ll see I’ve actually got the classic editor here. So that works just like you’d think. This is a heading, and now I can just change this over to heading, H2 if I want. If I can go and go down, this is paragraph, and obviously this stays a paragraph for me. So now I can actually edit it as I’ve always been accustomed to with the class WordPress app updater, so you’ll see over in the block it’s just defining that as classic, using the classic WordPress editor. And it’s not making me go through every block.

Keegan Edwards:
So now when I go to add a new block, I would just choose classic instead of paragraph and allow me to edit this as I’m more accustomed to doing. So it doesn’t totally revert everything back to the classic editor, you’re still technically using the block editor from the Gutenberg update, but it gives you an option to at least use something that you’re much more familiar with. Thanks very much for joining me for this quick video.

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