Can websites detect snipping tool

can websites detect snipping tool

Video Transcript

Well… can they?

Keegan Edwards:
Hi. Good morning, everyone and thanks for joining me. So the question that was posted that we’re trying to answer with today’s video is can websites detect snipping tool. And the short answer is no, they cannot detect when you’re using snipping tool. So this question’s kind of come up from a number of different sources based on probably some of the functionality that happens on an iPhone, specifically with applications like SnapChat where users can see if you’ve taken a screenshot of what their video or picture message is.

What is Snipping tool?

Keegan Edwards:
So snipping tool for those who aren’t familiar is a way … it’s something that comes with Windows. It’s a Microsoft Windows screenshot tool that allows you to basically take a portion of a screenshot of any web page that you’re on. So if I do go to my tools here and bring up … here’s Snipping Tool. I can just show you a quick way that that works. Let’s just say this [loads 00:01:09] that I want to go to a specific web site, take a screenshot. So like ESPN here and just do New. Gives me the opportunity to take a screenshot here of whatever it is I’m interested in.

Final answer

Keegan Edwards:
Now the question, “Can the browser recognize that I am taking that picture?” And the answer is no, it cannot. Specifically, the answer is the OS or operating system of the phone has that functionality. The operating system of a computer does not allow for the browser to know if somebody’s taking that screenshot. So you can rest assured if you want to take a screenshot of a web site using Snipping Tool, that the browser is not able to identify that you are using Snipping Tool to take that screenshot. Thanks very much for joining me.

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There you have it. Can websites detect snipping tool? No they cannot.

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  1. I have a Bank of America credit account and I wanted to capture details of a particular transaction I wanted to dispute (each transaction already officially posted has pull-down arrow to reveal the transaction details especially the transaction trace/authorization code). I tried the snipping tool (Windows10 Pro), all I got is a blank face rectangular red-bordered image.

    I tried other websites (Restaurant page, different store pages) using the same browsers (Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer). I successfully able to use snipping tool.

    Hence, I believe Bank of America can detect and prevent snipping tool to capture important transaction details.