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Most Independent Retailers Still Don’t Know How to Meaningfully Engage on Social Media – The Importance of Local Relevance

Local Relevance on Social Media

Social media platforms exist so people can interact and engage with other people. 

Unfortunately, social media companies have limited interaction between businesses and consumers. Your Facebook posts don’t reach as many people as they used to. This is because Facebook wants you to pay-to-play on its platform.

There are still opportunities to interact with your community online. The number of people that your posts reach may be limited, but not gone completely. 

Being a member of your local community is an asset on social media

People use social media to engage with friends, family and their community. As an independent retailer, you are a visible member of the community. This allows you to engage with customers in a way that Amazon cannot.

Many stores already do a good job of posting content relevant to their industry on social media. This includes articles and blogs that matter to people who buy their products. For instance, farm stores post content for horse owners. Horse owners like posts that showcase horses, horse shows and riding. 

But how can you make these posts even more powerful? The answer is by making these posts relevant to customers in your target market area.

The importance of local relevance

Let’s pretend you own a horse and tack store in Raleigh, North Carolina. You may post something about the “10 Best Horse Shows” in the world. That’s not bad. But, a better post would be, “10 Best Horse Shows within 10 Miles of Raleigh” since your store is in Raleigh. These types of posts create engagement at a local level.

Do you sponsor a local event or youth sports team? Use photos and videos from the event to start a conversation. Posts like, “Who is going to the local Little League Championship this weekend?” Or “Local Art Fair proves most successful yet!”

These are the types of community insights that big box and e-retail competitors don’t have. Posts of this nature prove your social consciousness as a business. These posts demonstrate your investment in your community.

Post about things that matter to your target market. Show your relevance at local events. Take part in conversations about local initiatives. Become active community members and showcase it on your page. Highlight your service initiatives and donations to nonprofits.

Local Community Relevance and Customer Loyalty

Why does this matter? Because it encourages customer loyalty.

Statistics show that consumers want to buy from brands they feel an association with. They want to purchase from businesses that share the same values they do. When customers see you invested in the community they associate you with their shared values.

79% of consumers said that brands need to prove they understand and care about their consumers before they will consider buying from them. Social media is your opportunity to engage your customers around these topics.

We’re in an era where customers interact with businesses online. Today’s consumers expect to know what you sell as well as who you are

As a store owner, use social media to interact with your customers on topics they care about.

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