Demystifying the technical aspects of a website

We’ll get into the anatomy of a quality website in the next chapter. Before we do that, its important that we identify the basic anatomy of a website. All too often, the technical jargon gets in the way of understanding exactly what is going on with a website. That’s unfair. In this section I’ll describe websites in simpler terms. Once you have this baseline, it is much easier to make informed decisions about setting up your store’s website.

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Why does my business need a strong website?

The reason your business needs a strong website can be traced back to consumer behavior. To evaluate the need for a website at all we should first look at what consumers are doing? After all, if a website isn’t important to your consumers, then I would agree, that it shouldn’t be important to you or your business. However, websites are really important to consumers! In fact, a retailer’s website may be one of the determining factors as to whether a customer visits your store at all. Yet, 29% of small businesses do not have a website.

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Book Outline



Title: Remarkable Web – The Essential Guide to Thriving Online

Subtitle: Establishing the Six Pillars of an Online Presence for Independent Retailers

Thick Paragraph – (My book will help independent retailers who struggle to establish a strong online presence for their business. My book will help them understand the fundamentals so that they can make good decisions, create proper budgets and build the right processes to represent their business online.)

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First Pillar of Digital Presence – Websites

Websites are the cornerstone of your stores online presence. Think about your website the same way your think about your store. You’re goal is to build the best looking, easiest to navigate store and then drive as much traffic as possible. That is the essence of a great website.  A website should be clean, easy to navigate and well representative of your business.

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Six Pillars of Brick & Mortar Digital Marketing

In order to build a strong online presence, store owners can draw on their traditional experience and intuition. The six pillars of digital marketing we are going to discuss throughout this book have their roots in the brick and mortar presence in local communities. Before we explore the digital version, let’s first look at the six pillars as they exist in the physical world.

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I pulled into the empty parking lot. It was Saturday, across from a busy plaza, yet, Devine’s Jewelers was precariously missing customers. I looked across the street and saw that Harris Teeters, Starbucks and Sports clips were all teeming with activity. Yet, I was the only one at Devine’s.

I was searching for an engagement ring, and Google maps sent me this direction.

Inside, Devine’s was a beautiful store. The salesperson greeted me with a smile and warm welcome. The owner walked out to introduce himself. This was the exact experiences I was hoping for. Like many first time diamond buyers, I had no idea where to start. Days earlier, I started my research online. Blue Nile, an ecommerce jeweler, was the first place I looked. After all, they were the first result when I searched Engagement Rings in Google. However, I soon discovered that there was a whole lot more to buying an engagement ring than I realized. As I tried to understand the difference between carrot, cut, clarity and color something became apparent. I needed help.

I knew I needed an expert. I need an independent retailer.

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Product Catalog

Why ignoring your online product catalog will save you time and cost you sales

Have you ever tried to call the owner of an independent retail store during the day? You may have more luck catching a ride on Elon Musk’s next shuttle to Mars. Retail store owners are amongst the busiest of all small business owners. Thus, it’s no wonder that stores are always seeking ways to save time.

The pursuit of saving time, however, leads repeatedly to one crucial digital marketing mistake. Store owners neglect their online product catalog.

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Find Us On Facebook

The Ugly Truth About Facebook for Small Businesses

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my favorite photo blog when I noticed a headline that caught my eye, We’re pulling the plug on Facebook. Yes, one of my favorite bloggers, TheChive, was removing their content from Facebook. This move would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago!

Why are they removing their articles, photos and videos from Facebook? Simple. Because they’re paying attention. They, like many other small businesses and bloggers, have realized that Facebook decided to change the rules. So, TheChive decided to stop playing the game.

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