Why your business website doesn’t show up in Google | 3 Simple Ways to Fix it

Video Transcript

Okay, so you’re not showing up on Google right now, then there’s probably three main reasons for that.

Reason One

Number one: you’re not being specific enough in your website. So what does that mean? Let’s say you’re a retailer and you carry lawn and garden supplies. Does your website just say that you have lawn and garden supplies? Or does it say the specific supplies that you have? Because a number of searches that happen on Google are gonna be very specific looking for brands and products that you probably carry and you put on your website that you have lawn and garden supplies. Well that doesn’t mean that you have tools, that doesn’t mean that you have fertilizer, that doesn’t mean you have the things that people are looking for. So number one way to fix this is to be more specific on your website. Add the things that you actually carry, add the brands that you actually carry. So the number one reason, you’re probably not showing up, you’re not being specific enough.

Reason Two

The second reason is because your website’s probably not been updated in a while. When was the last time you updated your website? When was the last time you updated any content at all? Because Google’s looking for up to date content. So that when people search for things on Google, they see websites that have been up to date. So if you think about it, if you or I were to go on a trip and we were looking for hotels where we were heading. If Google pulled up a bunch of websites that all out of date for hotels, that wouldn’t be be very helpful at all and honestly we’d probably stop using Google. So it’s important for Google to check websites to make sure they’re up to date, before they bring those up in the results for somebody searching. So honestly think about it. When was the last time you wrote a blog article? Updated your events, your special offers? Updated any of the content or information on your website? Because if you haven’t done that, then Google’s not gonna trust that you’re providing up to date information for consumers and they’re not gonna reward your website.

Reason Three

And the third reason is because you probably haven’t paid attention to something called title tags on your website. Now this sounds like a way more technical term than it is. All it means, is going into your website and giving the different pages, a relevant title. So saying I carry this or I’m located here, are some of the ways that you can update your title tags to make sure you come up for searches. The all three are simple and easy to fix. Be more specific on your website, provide updates on a regular basis so Google knows it can trust that you have an up to date website and last but not least edit your title tags. Give the pages titles that are descriptive and tell Google a little bit of something about what each webpage means.

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