Online Product Catalog

Learn Exactly Why an Online Product Catalog is Crucial for your Store

The SKUs you carry in your store drive retail sales. Almost every retail store in America has a different product mix. Even franchises and corporate stores have varied product mixes in each store. Smart merchandisers select products depending on the needs of a specific market. Consumers research products online. To be competitive, retail stores must have an online product catalog on their websites.

There are two major reasons an independent retailer needs an online catalog. To inform consumers and to inform search engines.

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can websites detect snipping tool

Can websites detect snipping tool

Video Transcript

Well… can they?

Keegan Edwards:
Hi. Good morning, everyone and thanks for joining me. So the question that was posted that we’re trying to answer with today’s video is can websites detect snipping tool. And the short answer is no, they cannot detect when you’re using snipping tool. So this question’s kind of come up from a number of different sources based on probably some of the functionality that happens on an iPhone, specifically with applications like SnapChat where users can see if you’ve taken a screenshot of what their video or picture message is.

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